Amer SPA


We are specialized in the production of technological solutions for motorization and electric handling: AC and DC motors, gear motors, steering systems, complete traction systems for battery-powered vehicles and applications.
We were established in 1974, from to the intuition of our founder Francesco Battistella, who with his innovative vision gave the imprint to the company and its business model.
Since then, our growth has been constant and today we are the leading company of Amer Group, a team of 9 companies and 1 brand that operate in an integrated way and that are present in multiple application sectors and in all major markets.

Amer SPA


Customization, efficiency, customer value: these are our watchwords.
We co-design the solutions with our Partners, customizing all variables, up to handle thousands of variants: from power output to consumptions, from application needs to durations, from packaging to logistics, up to the tests on the final application, also on the product already integrated.
We guarantee maximum efficiency and a totally flexible production, which ensures value and competitiveness up to small batches. Continuous innovation is our mission and we are proud of the technological and organizational standard that is recognized by our Partners. The result is tailor-made solutions for the specific application, that maximize the efficiency of the final application and thus the value for the customer.

Amer SpA

Amer: champion of made in Italy

We strongly believe values of Italian manufacturing, technology and local development. We feel part of that system of medium enterprises that form the backbone of the Italian industry. Thanks to our operating and growth results, we have obtained the recognition of “champion” of Made in Italy, one of the 500 companies that drive Italian development. We are also strongly engaged in our territory, integrated in the district of the Mechatronics Vicenza, among the most specialized European poles. We believe in skills and people: for this reason we are among the member companies of the Istituto Tecnico Superiore Academy meccatronico Veneto, a school with high technological specialization, included in the national ITS system and in direct contact with the industry.

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