For 40 years we have only one goal: to create extremely reliable solutions.
We design with attention every single component and test it under the most difficult conditions.

The result is pure stuff.
Beware of imitations.

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By combining size and thrust force of the actuator AL-3 and adjustable micro switches, the actuator AL-3/M acquires additional flexibility, making it usable even in technological high-end applications.
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MP100 Permanent magnet DC motors
N° of pole: 4
Service duty: S1 - S2 - S3
Protection class: IP20 - IP44
Power supply: 12V to 180V
Power output: from 550W up to 1500W
Brush housing:
totally enclosed / fast replacement

Upon request:
- Electromagnetic brake
- Electronic driver
- Encoder
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The “little big” worm gearbox with highest efficiency and torque for confined spaces. Thanks to the metal construction and the high flexibility to fit into many applications, the RAO-4 is a robust and versatile gearbox suitable for many fields of usage. Derived from the automotive Industries, the RAO-4 distinguishes itself by two rugged bearings supporting the output shaft.
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